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Watching out for wildlife: Caring for squirrels

Caring for injured or orphaned squirrels

squirrel on tree 2 web

Some of us living in areas with a lot of wildlife wonder what to do if we find injured or orphaned animals. There are resources and animal lovers who volunteer to help injured wildlife.

DonnDonna and one of her furry friends. a Green-Townsend is one of those animals lovers…especially squirrels.


Donna talks about her love and care of injured and orphaned squirrels:


You can reach the Wildlife Helpline from the Florida Wildlife Care Center Donna mentioned at 352-371-4400 or click the link for more information.


Funny squirrels

Squirrels can be pretty funny

Squirrel 3 Rule of thirds

Squirrel humor

In North Florida, we are lucky to live among so many trees. We also live among many squirrels. Quite a few live in the tree outside my front door. They frequently chatter…I think it’s often directed at me. I am not sure what I do to get them so worked up. Getting the paper is a sure trigger for a squirrel tantrum.

I’ve seen squirrels do some pretty funny things, but of course this never happens if I have a camera. I wish I would have at least snapped a shot with my phone the time I was on the University of Florida campus and saw a squirrel munching on a discarded slice of pizza. If you have some great squirrel stories, I’d love to hear about them!

In the meantime…if you need to be reminded of how funny squirrels can be, check out these funny squirrel videos. The baby squirrel is just adorable! Send me some links if you have a great site in mind. But not the water skiing squirrel. Just kidding. I worked in tv news too long!