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Foto Friday: Alligators!

Foto Friday: Living with alligators in Florida

long gator shot web

This alligator is not in a zoo. He is free to roam around the La Chua Trail in Gainesville, Florida.

multi gators webAnd that gator is not alone.

There are usually several gators on the trail…some are pretty large. And sometimes you can see them moving around on the trail.

Living in Florida, you get to know your wild neighbors pretty quickly. So it’s best to keep some important tips in mind, especially when it comes to alligators.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reminds us:

  • Alligators may be in or near fresh or brackish water in any Florida county. Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Do not swim in waters where there may be gators.
  • Alligators are most active between dusk and dawn.
  • Dogs and cats are about the size of the natural prey of alligators. Keep an eye on pets and don’t let dogs swim in water that may contain gators.
  • Leave alligators alone and do not feed them!
  • Keep your distance…that means photographers, too.

gator eye in water webThe Florida Fish and Wildlife¬†Commission also points out that gators play an important role in the ecology¬†of Florida’s wetlands.

Admire them from a safe distance!