Wise Words Wednesday: Believe…like the birds

You have to believe in happiness, or happiness never comes… That’s the reason a bird can sing, on his darkest day, he believes in spring. – Douglas Malloch

American poet Douglas Malloch encourages us to believe in the power of optimism. These wise words also make me think of how often nature inspires us. This little finch makes me smile, but paired with Malloch’s motivating words I am reminded of the power of positive thinking…and of the power of nature to uplift and motivate us.


3 thoughts on “Wise Words Wednesday: Why the birds sing

    1. C C Esch Post author

      He is adorable…and you have a good eye! The Zebra Finch is native to Australia, but this little fellow lives at the Butterfly Rainforest in Gainesville, Florida among many butterflies including beautiful native butterflies such as Monarchs and the state butterfly the Zebra Longwing.


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